• modern agonistics stick fighting

    White Yoda and the Stick of Power: Interview with James Lafond on Modern Agonistics Stick Fighting   Modern Agonistics is not a style, art, or system in much the way jeet kune do was not meant to be a style by its founder, Bruce Lee. Lafond, along with friend Chuck Goetz, picked up a stick ...
  • hoodrat halloween

    “Simpton was a chyle of the hood, Sprung from that rancid womb as if spat, From bro en foe he learned what he could– Commin’ up the long wrong way of the hoodrat, Twisty en turny, he’d see through– he would.” The Legend of Reggiemon Thom James Lafond has written a short, clever piece that ...
  • bristlecone pine

    Age appears to be best in four things; Old wood best to burn, Old wine to drink, Old friends to trust, Old authors to read. -Francis Bacon A few years ago, remnants of my braggadocios former self still remaining, I opted to go on the offensive when encountered by two would be thieves. I staved ...
  • Take Me To Your Breeder

    [On When God Comes Back and Sees the Planet]  “What the **** did you do?  I gave this to you mother*******!  Are you crazy? The polar bears are brown! What did you do to the polar bears? –Louis C.K.   In this unique, fictional work, James Lafond attempts to dive into the mind of a ...